Schools are assigned delegations based on the total number of participants. A school can apply for a maximum number of 9 delegates.

Security Council delegations and seats on the the Special Conference on Reformation are assigned to schools with previous MCMUN experience that have proven their enthusiasm and intellectuality.

All delegations must have an ambassador, and this should be assigned by the MUN director when submitting Form 2.

An ambassador may be asked to deliver a speech during the opening ceremony. Other than that, he/she is responsible for all other members of the delegation.

The list of delegations will be announced on our website once the application process is finalised.  


Student Officers

Those who wish to apply for a student officer position should complete the application form available on our website. They will be asked to submit a letter of motivation along with their application. Also, we expect to receive a letter of recommendation from their MUN advisor following the submission of the form.

Student officer candidates should be thoroughly knowledgeable about the THIMUN Rules of Procedure as well as present-day issues concerning our world including the issues on the MCMUN 2019 agenda. Applicants should have previous student officer experiences in order to be eligible for consideration. Excellent command of English is a must.

Those who are appointed as student officers will be required to write a study guide on one of the issues on the agenda and submit this on the deadline set by the Secretariat.

Student officers should have good leadership skills as they will need to guide their forum at all times. They should make sure that the productivity of the debate is as high as possible while including every delegate in it. They are expected to have good communication skills as they will work in cooperation with the Executive Team before and during the conference.


International Court of Justice (ICJ)

Those who wish to be in the International Court of Justice should complete the application form on our website. Supporting documents include a letter of motivation to be submitted with the application form and a letter of recommendation from the MUN director to be emailed following the application.

The ICJ will consist of 15 judges, 4 advocates (2 on each Counsel) and the presidency. Everyone is eligible to apply as a judge but previous ICJ experience is an asset. Advocates must have previous ICJ experience and they should apply in pairs. In order to be considered for the presidency (President, Vice-President, Registrar) applicants must have at least three experiences in the ICJ.

Advocates should work in cooperation with the presidency in order to prepare the stipulations, memoranda and pieces of evidence before the conference. They must be punctual in order not to miss any deadlines. All applicants should demonstrate good independent research skills, impartiality, and objectivity so that the court comes to a fair judgement. Interest in law would be an asset.


MUN’ly Planet Press Team

Candidates should be familiar with photography and video editing as they are expected to take photos during the conference and prepare the closing video. They should also submit articles to the daily newspaper of MCMUN. Well-established writing skill is a must for all applicants. In the application form, they’ll be asked to write an article on a given topic. Knowledge of global affairs is crucial.

Previous experience in the press team of a MUN conference or school newspaper would be valuable. Applicants should support their application with a letter of recommendation from their MUN director in order to be eligible for consideration.

Applicants are encouraged to submit details of their journalistic experience skills, familiarity with desktop publishing, and/or photo/video editing programs.


Administrative Staff

At our school, we have a MUN Apprenticeship Club for 9th grade students. In this club, they prepare for the challenging nature of the MUN Club they will be involved in for the upcoming years. Administrative staff members are selected from this club based on their performance. Letters of Motivation might be required based on the decision of the MUN advisor involved.

The Head of Administrative Staff holds numerous meetings with the admins prior to the conference in order to teach them the fundamental responsibilities of an admin, preparing them for the challenges they will face.