The Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Products

The consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products is strictly forbidden in MCMUN. If a delegate is caught smoking or drinking an alcoholic beverage, his/her advisor will be immediately contacted and he/she won’t be awarded the certificate of participation.

The Consumption of Food and Beverages

Drinking tea, coffee, and water will be in order when in classrooms. Participants are not allowed to enter the committee rooms with any kind of food, including those provided during coffee breaks. In the Convention Centre, the consumption of any kind of food and beverages except water is strictly out of order. Chewing gum is prohibited at all times.

Damaging School Property

Delegates are not allowed to damage the property of METU Development Foundation High School by any means. In case of any damage to school property, the delegate in question will have to cover the cost of the damage he/she has caused.

Social Events

Those who are not a part of MCMUN are not allowed to participate in social events even if they are close friends or acquaintances of the delegates, student officers or the administrative staff. Extreme behaviour will not be tolerated during social events.


Delegates are expected to attend committee sessions unless there is an emergency situation or a health problem that prevents them from attending. Delegates who do not attend 2 committee sessions will not be awarded the certificate of participation.


Inappropriate behaviour includes, but is not limited to, bullying delegates, denigrating a culture, country, ethnicity, and engaging in physical violence. Delegates are expected to refrain from such behaviour during the conference.

As we strive to simulate the United Nations, all participants are expected to behave in a kind, solemn, respectful, and diplomatic way at all times. MUN directors are expected to select their students carefully, and to refrain from allowing a student who has disciplinary issues to participate.


Plagiarism is strictly forbidden in the conference. Those found engaging in plagiarism will not be permitted to participate in the conference.

Dress Code

Delegates are expected to wear formal clothes. Female delegates may wear blouses and dresses with appropriate necklines, formal skirts in appropriate lengths, blazers, shirts etc. in colours such as black, grey, white, deep red, and blue. Male delegates should wear suits and ties/bowties. Wearing a blazer is mandatory for all delegates when delivering a speech on the floor. Delegates who do not dress according to the dress code will receive an official warning after daily dress code checks. Informal shoes such as sneakers are not allowed during the conference. Flashy colours and prints on clothes are not in order. Funny prints on ties, socks etc. are discouraged. Wearing traditional clothes are prohibited. Male delegates will have to shave if they come to the conference with a beard/stubble.

MUN Directors

MCMUN has a no-individual-delegate policy, therefore, each delegation should come to the conference with their director who should be present at all times during the conference.

Official Language

The official language of MCMUN is English. All communications and work of participants should be conducted in English. Not complying with this rule will be punished with an official warning, continuous non-compliance will result in the delegate being expelled from the conference.


While the conference is in progress, classes are still being held at our school. In order to prevent distraction, delegates must remain in the designated areas. For the social events, participants are not allowed to leave the designated venue. Those who wish to leave early should provide the Executive Team with a letter of consent from their MUN director.


The school is not responsible for the safety of delegates if they are not staying in a designated conference hotel. MUN directors are encouraged to stay in a room as close as possible to their students. Please keep in mind that any negative feedback from the hotel administration will result in future conflict for the MCMUN team and might prevent us from working with that hotel. Therefore, we expect you to behave in a polite and considerate manner in the hotel. A curfew of 23.00 is recommended as the sessions start quite early.

All participants will sign the code of conduct upon registration.