14th April

Delegation Form 1 (1), Student Officer, ICJ and MUN’ly Planet Press Team application forms available on the website, registration starts

1st October

Student Officer applications end

8th October

Student Officer assignments will be announced

14th October

Delegation, ICJ, MUN’ly Planet Press Team applications end

Delegation assignments announced on the website

Delegation Application Form 2 (2) available on the website

1st November

Delegation Application Form 2 Deadline

ICJ and MUN’ly Planet Press Team assignments announced on the website

14th November

Study Guides published on the website

Hotel reservations deadline

1st December

FAT Form Deadline

14th December

MCMUN 2018 starts

(1) This form asks for the number of delegates and advisors participating from a school, advisor details and school information

(2) Form 2 requires the details of delegates (name, date of birth, grade, email…). Also, advisors should assign each delegate a committee and an ambassador to the delegation