Social Events

On Friday night, following the opening ceremony of MCMUN, participants are invited to take part in the gala dinner. Students will be provided with shuttles from the school to the gala dinner venue. The gala dinner usually takes place in one of the designated conference hotels. Participants enjoy a full-course meal then have the chance to have fun. Moreover, they can meet the delegates in their forums and make friendships before the conference starts.

Student Officers’ Dinner takes place on Saturday night. The dinner will be provided in a restaurant arranged by the Executive Team and will be free of charge. This is an opportunity for the student officers to bond as friends. And also form connections among participating schools.

Official Social Event of MCMUN 2018 will take place on Sunday and it will remain as an unforgettable memory for all of our participants. Snacks will be provided for all participants. The event will conclude with the Secretariat and MUN directors cutting a cake which will be served as a goodbye dessert. Teachers from the school administration will be present at the venue for emergency situations.

The Advisors’ Dinner will take place simultaneously with the Official Social Event of MCMUN, on Sunday night. Advisors will enjoy a full course meal and have the chance to establish relationships with others. After the dinner, they will be taken to the social event venue and join their delegates in the final cake ceremony.

Social event regulations are outlined in the code of conduct.